Common Benefits of Laurel & Olive Oils
Among all LauraZen Range
Benefits for the Skin
  • Gentle natural cleanser

    Laurazen gently cleanses your skin and leaves it soft, smooth and supple. It helps the skin to get rid of dirt and grime and keeps the clogs oil free. It generates a luxurious and rich feeling and leaves your skin fresh all day long.

  • Provide a natural hydration

    Laurazen nurtures the skin and provides it with natural hydration that makes it glow with good health. With Laurazen your skin feels and smells fresh, just like the way you want it.

  • Fight premature aging

    The natural moisturizing and collagen building elements present in Laurazen fights premature aging. It protects your skin from wrinkles and other signs of aging.

  • Prevent acnes

    Laurazen is packed with antibacterial and antiseptic properties that prevent acnes. It is also good for other skin problems like dryness.

  • Rich with antibacterial.

    The antibacterial properties ensure that your skin gets free of bacteria that cause bad odor. Laurazen leaves your skin fresh and clean for the entire day.

  • Keep skin soft, smooth and supple

    The gentle smell of olive and laurel bay oil renders a gentle perfume to the soap that makes your skin smell naturally good. You can remain stress-free with the natural aroma of Laurazen for the whole day.

Benefits for the hair
  • keep the hair soft and shiny

    Laurazen is ideal for taking care of your hair. It is a natural cleanser that you can use to clean your hair and keep it soft and shiny. It can be used on any type of hair and is effective against itchy and dry scalp also.

  • Help get rid of dandruff

    Laurazen also helps you to get rid of dandruff. The pure and organic ingredients present in Laurazen gently clean the hair and don’t allow dandruff to come back.

  • Prevent hair loss

    The natural oils present in Laurazen strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair loss. They also promote hair growth. Laurazen nourishes the hair from the roots and makes it strong from within.

  • Improve scalp’s blood circulation

    The oils present in Laurazen improve blood circulation in the scalp and renders shine to the hair.

  • Delay appearance of gray hair

    Laurazen is effective in delaying graying of hair. The antioxidants present in olive and laurel oil helps to prevent appearance of gray hair.

  • Smooth texture and natural shine

    The hydrating oils also gives the hair a smooth texture and natural shine that you would love to flaunt.